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The Flying Tigers Field, located at Westwinds Metropark, is a part of the Toledo Metroparks.  A Metroparks UAS permit is required to fly RC aircraft at Westwinds. The Metroparks Unmanned Permit Request Form can be downloaded here. Follow the instructions provided with the form.

The Park Permit requires FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration completed and AMA membership or equivalent liability insurance. Links provided below will direct you to the web pages for more information and applications.


Notice Westwinds Metropark Flyers:
Effective immediately UAS model flyers flying at Westwinds Metroparks Toledo Flying Tigers Model Club field must notify the Toledo Express Airport tower by calling 419-865-6901 or back up number 419-865-6686.

There is a sign at the east end of our shelter that will display if the field is “Active” or “Not Active.” If you are the first person to fly, call the tower. They will answer either “tower”, “control” or “radar”, tell them who you are and that you are with “Flying Tigers R/C Club at Westwinds” and are going to be flying at the field, then change the display on the sign to Active. The last person to leave the field will call the tower and inform them flying has ended, and change the sign to Not Active. 


* Stay tuned to this page and Toledo Flying Tiger email notifications for updates.


Park Permit


The Toledo Area Metroparks unmanned aircraft permit application can be downloaded from their website at this link:  Unmanned (Drone) permit.


FAA UAS Registration


The Metropark requires the FAA unmanned aircraft systems registration to be completed. You can get it at this link: FAA UAS Registration. If you are already registered log in here


AMA Membership

Full AMA membership is required to fly at the field as it provides the liability insurance coverage if something goes wrong. You can apply at this link: Join AMA. 

TFTRC Field Rules

You are required to read and understand the field rules before you can fly at the Westwinds field. You can find them at this link: Field Rules.

Call TOL Tower Before Flying

You MUST call the Toledo Express Tower before and after flying at the Westwinds Field. Call 419-865-6901 or 419-865-6686 to request “Active” status. Then the last flyer calls to change to “Not active” status.

Why Join Flying Tigers?

Among other benefits the Toledo Flying Tigers provides lawn maintenance at Westwinds Metroparks paid for by the Flying Tigers membership dues. Join at this link: Join Flying Tigers.

The Flying Tigers would like to invite you to become part of our AMA Charter Club. To become a member, you first must become a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and then simply attend one of our meetings and fill out our membership application. Please see the information page for meeting times, location and date.

The Flying Tigers R/C Model Club is an AMA Chartered Club Charter Number 1082


Community RC Awareness

Support the Flying Tigers efforts to spread the word about RC modeling to the community.

Provide instruction for the novice.

The Flying Tigers provides regulary scheduled flight instruction to help new members fast track to RC flying fun!

Educate And Promote Safety 

To educate and promote safety in accordance with official AMA and Club rules and guideline

Turn your interest of RC flying into a fun hobby by associating with like minded RC hobbyiests. Join now, don’t miss out!

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