Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes Oct 6, 2015

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Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes Oct 6, 2015

Postby madmin » Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:58 pm

Flying Tigers Radio Control Model Club Minutes Meeting date: Oct. 6, 2015

Location: Anne Grady Center, 1525 Eber Rd. Holland, OH 43528 Number of members in attendance: 22 Visitors: 1

Approval of minutes: Motion was made, and seconded to approve the minutes of the Sept 1, 2015 meeting. Motion Carried

Officers' reports:  Commander We had our last Tom Terrific picnic for this year. Thanks to everyone that comes out to the picnics. We will plan on doing them again next year. As these picnics are for the entire club and not just a select few, you should plan to attend next year.

Time given for question on what the park system is doing to the field. None were raised. At this time the gate will close at 4:00 until Oct 17. They are doing this to protect their materials after the work crew leaves. After that the gate will open at dawn and close at dusk. If you need to get in the field after 4:00, stop at Tom’s shop for a remote control for the gate. If you are in the field and the gate closes, there is a sensor in the road to open the gate to let you out.

When the garage is finished, we will move our equipment in along with their targets to see is everything fits. If not, we are looking at hiding our storage container somewhere in the woods so we can still use it for storage. We almost have a long contract; however a few things need to be ironed out.

As this is the Metro Park that can be used for flying, the park wants to charge a fee for people to fly. However anyone flying there must have AMA and follow our rules. Club members will not have to pay this fee. In addition, the park will be picking up some of our expenses i.e. mower fuel, mower repair, and portapotty etc, so the officers will be looking at our budget to determine if we can lower the dues. This may or may not be possible. There will be a write up in Sunday’s paper about what the park is doing at Westwinds Park. There was a ton of discussion on this topic, but nothing can be set in stone until more meetings with the park and final approval.

The park will have a soft opening on Oct 17 and have asked that we have flyers present. We would like to have a good representation for the event so if possible make an effort to be there.

We would like to welcome Kenny G (Ken Gilbert) into our Club. 

Vice Commander Nothing 

Training Training is finished for the rest of 2015. 

Treasurer Treasurer’s report was read and accepted as read. 

Trustees Nominations were held for the following offices with the follow people nominated. If you were not at the meeting and would like to put your name on the list, please let Scott Arnett know before Oct 21. Vice Commander – John Borton Secretary- Gene Myers 1 st Year Trustee - Fred Spring

Old business: Indoor flying starts on Nov 7. Nov 7th is also our road clean-up and when we close the field for the winter. This will start at 10 am

New business: No new business

Show and Tell:

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 PM.

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