Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes Sept 1, 2015

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Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes Sept 1, 2015

Postby madmin » Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:54 pm

Flying Tigers Radio Control Model Club Minutes Meeting date: Sept 1, 2015

Number of members in attendance: 26 Visitors: 0

Approval of minutes: Motion was made, and seconded to approve the minutes of the Aug 4, 2015 meeting. Motion Carried

Officers' reports:Commander We are having sparse attendance to the picnics. The picnics are for all members not just a “special” group. This week we had 5 officers which has not happened in the past, and none of them crashed.

The mowing crew is sending the mower in for repair this fall. It keeps burning up a plug. If the repair costs are too high, we may need to purchase a new mower. 

Vice Commander He was one of the officers at the picnic and had a great time. He commented on the good job the mowing crew is doing this year. 

Training Due to the lack of trainees, the Wed training is coming to a close. If anyone wants or needs training, please contact Scott.Arnett. 

Treasurer Treasurer’s report was read and accepted as read. A motion has been made to move $1000.00 from the field budget into the mowing budget to cover the cost of the mower repairs. 

Trustees Next month we are going to need nominations for Vice Commander, Secretary, and First year trustee. If you are interested or have suggestions, contact Scott Arnett.

Old business: Just a reminder that effective the 14th of this month the AMA dues will go up. If you are a senior, you can renew you card at the current price for the next two years. The reason for the increase in AMA dues is they have spent a ton of money with the FAA concerning issues with quads.

New business: We need to do a road clean up. We are way behind on the schedule. We have only done one and we are to do three per year. November 7th was picked. Donuts will be provided, and if the weather is okay, we may do a cookout.

Comments on what the Park Board has suggested. There was a lot of information presented and much discussion, but I will not include that here, but just highlight the most important issues concerning out Club. Currently we must renew our contract with the Park system every year. We will have a 10 year contract with the possibility of a 20 year contract after 5 years. We will mow the grass around the target area to the south-east of the runway, but the Park will mow along the drive. .The Park will build a garage that we can store our equipment in, and then we will sell the container we use now. In addition they will build a picnic pavilion, rebuild our shelter with new tables, build a split rail fence between the pit area and our shelter with two 8 foot openings and one 4 foot opening.

To protect our field from public use, we will need to open it up one day per month for public flying; however AMA membership will be required or possibility use a system we use during the TAG event. A new gate will be installed that will open at sunrise and close at sunset. Our 9:00A.M. rule will still be in effect. The park will close from Dec 1 to Apr 1, but we will have remote controls to enter the park for winter flying at your own risk..

Motion made, seconded and passed to continue working with the park system and move forward.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 PM.

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