Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes July 7, 2015

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Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes July 7, 2015

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Flying Tigers Radio Control Model Club Minutes Meeting date: July 7, 2015

Number of members in attendance: 24 Visitors: 1

Approval of minutes: Motion was made, and seconded to approve the minutes of the June 2, 2015 meeting. Motion Carried

Officers' reports:

Commander The Club accepted John Carle as a member into the Club. Welcome to our Club John.

Tom H had a miss-hap with his motorcycle. He is lucky to still be here and was welcomed back tonight. Don Blake was in attendance and it is good to see him as he is suffering knee pain. He was informed if he wanted to fly someone would go out on the field to retrieve his plane.

If you are flying a sailplane you must have a spotter at your side. It is rule number 8 in the field rules. The reason for this is we have commercial planes make their cut over our field and it is easy for a sailplane to exceed the 400” limit.

We have been seeing some guys with a quads showing how a quad can return home by setting their transmitter on the ground while it is returning. You must always have your transmitter in your hands while flying any aircraft..

Vice Commander No Report

Training Training is going well. We had one person solo last week. It looks like tomorrow will be another good night. We had a question about how to solo a sailplane during a landing and how to launch one. You can use a launch, but the plane cannot exceed 400’.

Treasurer No treasure report this meeting.

Trustees Remember you are welcome to come to Panera’s bread on Airport on Monday mornings at 9:00.

The website that can make our caps to not do embroidering but only screen printing. If we know how many hats we need we can special order embroidered ones. John will be sending out an e-mail with more information concerning this.

Old business: The tractor has the bush-hog back on it.

New business: Tim Schetter is not our representative Joe Fausnaugh is his replacement. The park system wants to have other uses for the land. They want to put an archery range south and east of the field. They will have stations along the south side of the field and one just east of our flight stations with targets facing to the north. Only two targets are in our direction and we will speak to them of our concerns over this..

The park is going to open this area by removing our gate with a new one. It will be open from sunrise to sunset. They will take care of the drive and mowing out front. They will be expanding our parking lot and are building a garage for us to keep our equipment in along with park material. Our equipment will be in a secure area in the garage.

The park system will have a new porta pot since ours is not handicapped. There will be park rangers there quite often, but we will still be policing our field in accordance with our field rules. (An individual is not permitted to fly without AMA etc.) Whatever signage we need to protect the field, they will provide. Attached is a photograph of what the final plans will look like. This will take place in August. It appears this will be a good marriage between our club and the park system. There was quite a discussion concerning this and Tom K will contact Joe and forward some of the questions that rose. In order to police who is flying at the field all members must wear their ID cards while at the field per rule #4.

Show and Tell:

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

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