Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes Apr 7, 2015

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Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes Apr 7, 2015

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Flying Tigers Radio Control Model Club Minutes Meeting date April 7, 2015 Number of members in attendance: 27 Visitors: 2

Kevin Musch and his son Matt were accepted into the Flying Tigers Club. Welcome to the club Kevin and Matt.

Approval of minutes: Motion was made, and seconded to approve the minutes of the Mar. 3, 2015 meeting. Motion Carried

Officers' reports:  Commander The Toledo show is this weekend. Make an effort to see it and make sure you come to the Indoor flying located at 1590 Albon Rd. The flying will be Thursday and Friday night from 6 to 11. There is no charge to watch or fly, however there will be different raffles going on. We did not get the grant money for the AMA TAG event. They found other clubs to do that. We can still have some sort of our own event should we want to. We have done this for the past 4 years and feel it is time for a break. Should we want to do it again in the future that may be possible. The gate combination will be changed in the near future. The Club secretary will send the new combination out. As a clarification the start time at our field is 9:00 am. This means no running of engines or electric motors or launching sail planes. We have agreed with the park on this. We need to make every effort to keep our neighbors happy. Per park rules we must be off the property by sun down.. 

Vice Commander Nothing to report 

Training When the weather improves we will start training on Wed as before, hopefully in May. If you need on the training list let Scott know.
Treasurer Treasurer’s report was read and accepted as read. 

Trustee’s Nothing to report.

Old business: The field opening is the weekend of April 18 and 19 with a rain date of April 25 and 26. At this time the pilot stands will be put up and other necessary work done. We may have to wait until fall to do the seeding, but the field extension can be graded. Discussion about rolling the field is basically we may be able to or maybe not. Depending on the condition of the field and the availability of the roller.

On a sad note Jim Gray passed away last December 31. He was an old member of the club that helped select our colors.

New business: Gene Myers said he received a letter from Mark Radcliff about a special AMA membership meeting during the Toledo Show. A flyer is attached to these minutes with information on this.

A question about the sale for Louis Beringer estate sale was raised. They sold close to $3000 dollars. A large number of persons were there and a lot was sold. What did not sell will be at weak signals private swap shop room. This will be on Friday and Saturday, but not on Sunday. There will be items of some of our members selling things too.. The park system has been cutting all the shrubbery along the upper half of the field. They have been clearing out on the west end and along our entrance. They may also clear out the right as well. Ray you will be losing your berry patch. The new tractor was repaired. Terry replaced the water pump and fan so it is ready to go. Last year we talked about keeping the old tractor, but maybe now is the best time to get rid of it. We could say it is available after the field opening. We will ask $1500 and take anything over a $1000 The bush hog will be sold separately but we need to check on the value. Somewhere around $400 is our best guess. It was necessary to remove the old tractor from the container as there is a small fuel leak at the shut off valve. Should anyone walked into the container with a lit cigarette; we might not have ever found them.

Show and Tell: Jim showed 28x JR radio. It is their flag ship radio. It’s operating system is android based with wifi, can play movies, has 15 flight modes, it has telemetry and x-bus, with a touch screen menu. He gave a demonstration of the radion. The price is $2800, but that includes the case. As this is a 28 channel, JR is working on a system of using more than one receiver, but until then the X-bus is used. On the X-bus one channel on the receiver can control 4 separate servos or gang 4 servos together. The programming of the different servos is accomplished on the radio. Just pick a servo and assign it to a switch on the radio. You can fly a 40% plane on a six channel system and control up to 24 servos. He also demonstrated a coreless servo. They are very quiet and have extreme holding power without a major increase in amperage draw. A drawing for 20 show tickets was done at the end of the meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

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