Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes Nov 3, 2015

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Flying Tigers Membership Meeting Minutes Nov 3, 2015

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Flying Tigers Radio Control Model Club Minutes Meeting date: Nov 3, 2015

Location: Anne Grady Center, 1525 Eber Rd. Holland, OH 43528

Number of members in attendance: 28 Visitors: 1

Approval of minutes: Motion was made, and seconded to approve the minutes of the Oct 6, 2015 meeting. Motion Carried

Officers' reports:  Commander Jim Hugg acting Commander – Our commander made it home tonight. Welcome home Tom. Seems I'm stuck in Flower Hospital for a little bit for test and them trying to figure out my leg problems. I might be out Tuesday but then maybe transferred to a rehab facility depending on test Monday and Tuesday.

The park agreement for our 10 year contract is off to their lawyers for them to write and go over all the things that were negotiated.

Still need cleanup Nov. 7th starting at 10:00 AM. Road cleanup, take down wind sock, take down start up stands and store in garage.

We sold the old container for $500.00. I know it was sold for just $500 but we were under the gun to get that out before the opening. An individual who worked for the park bought it and removed it and that's huge for us. Moving that size of container would have been a problem. 

Vice Commander Nothing 

Training No training 

Treasurer Treasurer’s report was read and accepted as read.

Trustees The following officers were selected to fill the following offices. Vice Commander – John Borton Secretary- Gene Myers First Year Trustee Fred Spring

Old business: Indoor flying starts on Nov 7. Nov 7th is also our road clean-up and when we close the field for the winter. The cleanup and closing will start at 10:00 am. There will be donuts served so come out and have one then work off the calories.

Humbert mentioned a few months ago about volunteering to assist the Metro Parks in “Trail Patrol. The park system is looking at something like this for Westwinds. The volunteers may provide special training at our park for safety in both flying and archery. Also in the future the park may become more involved in the archery area and maybe as spotters on our field.

New business: At the gate there is a nice Westwinds Metro Park sigh. It was questioned if it might be possible to have a Flying Tigers sign as well. This will need to be discussed with the park.

A concern was raised as to when the Metro Park will close the park. Their reply is they want to keep it open as long as the weather is nice. At this time this may be until November 14. Another concern is after the park is closed and someone wants to fly on a weekend, how do they get the remote from Tom Kroggel? Tom said you would need to pick it up on Friday at his shop and return it the following Monday.

The updated Field Safety Rules were read and agreed upon. These will be forwarded to the park system for signage.

As a suggestion, we should wear an orange vest when necessary to enter the archery area. We may be able use one of our road cleanup vests at the field for this purpose.

As most members are flying some type of electric aircraft it was suggested we look into the feasibility and cost of installing solar power.

Show and Tell: Tom H demonstrated an electric field box. It contains his charger, batteries, and a connection to his trailer hitch for power. The case was a simple aluminum case purchased at Home Depot or Harbor Freight. It is very compact and neat looking. Check it out when you see him at the field.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

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